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New Activities
Here are some new activities that we specially curated for you.
Financial Skills

Bank Statement

Medium255-10 mins
Social Activism

Save Soil Poster

Easy1410-20 mins

Ice Cream Stick Pen Stand

Medium010-20 mins

Materials needed | Resin Art course

Easy02-5 mins
Here are few quick challenges to help you earn more XPs.

Decorate a Corner of your house | Diwali Challenges

Easy92-5 mins
Communication Skills

People and their work

Medium010-20 mins

My Favorite Song

Medium05-10 mins
Self-Care Skills

My Favourite Destination

Easy32-5 mins

Want to learn a particular skill? Check activities by skills here

Scientific Skills

Technology Skills

Thinking Skills

Growth Skills

Popular Activities

Here are few activities and challenges that are most famous within our students.

Collaboration Skills

Show a Skill

Medium2175-10 Minutes
Collaboration Skills

Introduce Yourself

Easy1402-5 Minutes
Technology Skills

Fun with Google

Easy1372-5 Minutes
Thinking Skills


Medium12610-20 mins
Live Activities

Join fun-filled activities with LIVE facilitators.


NEW LIVE: World Art Day

Easy410-20 mins
Self-Care Skills LIVE

International Yoga Day Activity

Medium3310-20 mins
Growth Skills LIVE

LIVE Meetup : Time Management and Planning

Easy110-20 mins
Scientific SkillsLIVE

Fun with science LIVE

Easy010-20 mins