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New Activities
Here are some new activities that we specially curated for you.
Social Activism

Save Soil Poster

Easy1410-20 mins
Scientific Skills

Fun with science LIVE

Easy010-20 mins
Collaboration Skills

The Highest Performers are?

Easy02-5 mins

Ice Cream Stick Pen Stand

Medium010-20 mins
Here are few quick challenges to help you earn more XPs.

Decorate a Corner of your house | Diwali Challenges

Easy92-5 mins
Communication Skills

People and their work

Medium010-20 mins

My Favorite Song

Medium05-10 mins
Self-Care Skills

My Favourite Destination

Easy32-5 mins

Want to learn a particular skill? Check activities by skills here

Growth Skills

Social Activism


Self-Care Skills

Popular Activities

Here are few activities and challenges that are most famous within our students.

Collaboration Skills

Show a Skill

Medium2175-10 Minutes
Collaboration Skills

Introduce Yourself

Easy1412-5 Minutes
Technology Skills

Fun with Google

Easy1382-5 Minutes
Thinking Skills


Medium12610-20 mins
Live Activities

Join fun-filled activities with LIVE facilitators.


NEW LIVE: World Art Day

Easy410-20 mins
Self-Care Skills LIVE

International Yoga Day Activity

Medium3310-20 mins
Growth Skills LIVE

LIVE Meetup : Time Management and Planning

Easy110-20 mins
Scientific SkillsLIVE

Fun with science LIVE

Easy010-20 mins