How to login to the portal?

Once your user is registered. You can login using your registered mobile number.

Note: Registrations of new users are closed currently and only users registered via schools can access the portal.

How to navigate to an activity?

MySkillShaala has bucket full of fun-filled activities in different skills. New activities are released daily on the portal. You can navigate to an activity by clicking on activities and selecting the skill that you’d like to learn.

How to unlock an activity?

You need coins to unlock the activities. You can earn coins by completing the free activities or buy new coins by clicking on add coins.

How to upload a Video or Photo?

You have to upload a photo/video after completing any activity. You earn XPs only once your photo/videos are submitted. You can upload the photo/video in the submit your project section on the activity page.

Note: To ensure the safety of students on this community all photos and videos are approved by a moderator. The uploaded photo or video shall be visible on the activity page and coins/points shall be awarded only after your submission is approved by the moderator. It may take 3-4 hours for your submission to get approved.

What are XPs and Golden Community Start?

XPs are Experience Points that you can earn by submitting a photo/video of activity completed.

XPs are collected as

  1. Total XPs (Sum of all XPs earned) – These points help you increase your levels
  2. Skill based XPs (Example – Coding XP or Art XP) – Collecting maximum Skill XPs can get you a Skill Badge and rewards.

You win a Golden Community Star for making this community a better place then you found it. Every activity you complete earns you 1 Golden Community Star. You can earn more start by completing the special Community Building Activities.

How to add more coins?

If you are out of all coins and need more to build more skills you can buy Coins by clicking on Add Coins Button. You can use any payment methods like Credit or Debit cards, Net banking or UPI Wallets.

My school is a part of Samskara program, how should I get started?

Students who are a part of schools who have our Samskara Program implemented shall get free coins on completing their samskara activities. Watch the tutorial here to know more.