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Rubik's Cube Kit
Age: 8+ YearsSkill: Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube Solving Kit is the best getting started with 3x3x3 Cube kit for students who are curious too and aim to become a speedcuber. The Kit comes with access to an Online Learning Community which has step by step how to do tutorials for solving a cube.

  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Carry Bag, 3x3x3 Cube, Formula Cards, Important Instruction Sheets and Goal Cards, Access to Online Videos.
  • WHY MYSKILLSHAALA CUBE SOLVING KIT: A single stop solution with Good quality cube and all required learning material that you’ll need to get started with solving a cube..
  • BUILD SKILLS FOR LIFE: Learn Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Increase Confidence, Improve Spatial Memory.
  • LEARN ONLINE: Become a member of an awesome online community of learners, makers, and innovators. Learn 50+ Skills with 500+ activities from amazing educators.
  • A PERFECT GIFT: Educational, Fun-filled, and Interactive. An ideal gift option for kids of Age 8 Years onwards.
900 coins600 coins(i.e. Rs700)

3x3x3 Rubik's Cube Solving Kit